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May 11, 2019 Affirmation

Yes, I grew up in the nineties! Pink was one of my favorite artists to rock out to. She still is today! When I first started listening to her, at a young age, I simply loved her sound and how real she was. Today, in recovery, the same Pink songs I listened to growing up, have a completely different meaning to me. I always knew she was real, but over the years, her real became my real. Thank you Pink for creating some amazing music. I blast your songs and they take me back to a simpler time, while encouraging me to be strong, all at the same time.

Here is the full music video of Pink’s song, Sober:

That video is actually a mix of 50 Pink songs, so enjoy.


Who else grew up rocking out to Pink? What are your favorite song lyrics by Pink? Do they relate to overcoming obstacles in your life?

Love to hear form you all!

4 comments on “May 11, 2019 Affirmation

  1. Though I did not grow up rocking to Pink I always used to use her song Get This Party Started when I would DJ a party. It got you up and dancing and ended in a way that can lead to a mix into another upbeat grooving song like Be Yourself by Celeda.

    But her song Who Knew was played by one of my good friends as it helped her to overcome her grief in losing her love to a drug overdose. Many of us go though trials and tribulations. It is always important to know that those who fight for life will be stronger in the end.

  2. That’s a great testimony as to how those songs affected your life and the part about overcoming obstacles. I know that for me many times a song will take me back to a situation I have been in previously. Many times it may help, but at other times maybe not so much because it may make me want to think about it too much. I guess I grew up around the same time period, but I don’t think I ever listened to pink that much. Great information on how music can affect you though in a positive way.

    1. Such a great point! This is especially true for those of us that have issues with drug use. Many songs remind me of the ‘fun’ time I had while using. (I am not afraid to admit that there were great times using, even though eventually, drug use became more destructive than fun) Anyway, these songs are triggering to this day. I have to be very careful to play the tape through when I think about these times…meaning remember where the fun times led.
      Thank you for sharing with us Justin!

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