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May 2, 2019 Affirmation and Special Guest Post

Hello all!

I recently discovered a blog titled, Words and Other Things for the Soul, by Migz. The posts are all uplifting and the short stories are impressive. After reading one story, judging by my subsequent clicking frenzy, I was hooked. Like any good little recovering addict, I binged through the entire collection. (No judgment please…reading is a healthy habit!).

I work a full-time job, do community service for probation, run recovery meetings, stay involved with my family (in an effort to make up for lost time while using), and work on my blog, Syringes to Sobriety. Although this blog is my passion, I do not make any sort of money from it. (It could happen someday, but only time will tell.)

Sometimes, I feel time I spend blogging would be more responsibly used working a second job so I could throw the added income toward paying off court fines, restitution, probation fees and student loans. Whenever I start thinking like this, I get stuck in my head and end up getting nothing done at all.

I was having another one of these self-defeating episodes when I found Migz’s post, titled Yahoo! Just in time!. It is not often a writer, especially a blogger, captures my attention for long.  However, Migz did more than capture my attention. He inspired me to keep going, keep writing and working toward my goals. Yahoo! Just in time! reminded me of an extremely important, but too easily forgotten, goal I had made when I started Syringes to Sobriety:

I vowed to be brutally honest, share personal experiences and advice, encourage compassion and laughter and be responsive to anyone in need when I began this blog. If JUST ONE LIFE is saved or JUST ONE FAMILY is helped, then all the hard work, late nights, empty wallets, and tears were well worth it.

Saving ONE Life, Makes ALL the Hard Work Worth it.

I clicked About Migz and was able to learn more about the inspiration behind the man who calls himself Migz (:

Migz’s vision and mission:


“I want to see more people happy with life. To be more resilient with the challenges that seem to be constantly coming after us. To think first, before reacting and to have a more positive attitude in everything that they do. To love themselves more and to love life more.”


“I aim to motivate and to inspire. To spread positive energy to as many people as I can. To try my best to make my readers feel even just a tiny bit better on a bad day. If I can turn it into a good day or a great day, even the better. If I can bring a smile to a reader’s face, then I would already feel like I am one step closer to my goal….so, SMILE! “

These statements took the words right out of my mouth. With such similar goals, I knew I had to reach out to Migz to praise the work I had read so far. I also knew my readers would enjoy his stories as much as I do, so I asked if he had written any stories about substance abuse that he would be willing to share.

Migz came through for us and wrote a story that everyone, not just substance users, will find wisdom in.  After reading, I knew the story would be perfect for today’s affirmation post.

Here is Migz’s short story, written with all of you (Syringes to Sobriety readers) in mind:

May 2, 2019, Affirmation:


Raising Addiction Awareness

A short story with tall meaning, written by Guest Author Migz.

If you love this story, check out the rest of the Migz’s blog. The homepage can be found at:

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to Migz for the shout out to Syringes to Sobriety.

On behalf of all my readers and me, we look forward to reading your future work.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thursday.


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