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How can I Become a Life Coach?

Becoming a Life Coach

A Great Career Option in Recovery

Like many of you, I tirelessly searched the internet for information on how to become a life coach.  As a recovering drug user, my behavior quickly moves from healthy to obsessive.  As a result, I constantly question how much time I am putting into research and whether that research is actually paying off.  After clicking hundreds of links, for upwards of three hours, I was about to call it quits….

…then I got lucky! I landed on IARPC’s website.

Life Coach Certification Requirements

Most websites, considering themselves life-coach authorities, avoid telling the truth about whether life coaches are required to be certified.  Instead, the reader is instructed to check with their state or national boards.  Confusion on whether their course is a requirement for becoming a life coach, tricks people into signing up for their programs.  Let me clear up the confusion now:


Now, please do not misunderstand me here. What I am trying to say is, you get to shop around for the course that is best suited for what kind of life coaching career you would like to start.  You could skip training all together, jump into finding clients, and just ‘wing it,’ but I would not suggest it.  Remember, as a life coach you are responsible for:


Naturally, you learn these skills as you move along your recovery journey, but a bit of training will make these skills sharper and help you feel confident when using them.

Take this simple example: “Good Job!” Can you think of ten other ways to say good job?

Off the top of your head, you think: ‘excellent,’ ‘great job,’ ‘YAY,’ ‘way to go!’…then it gets a little harder.  However, if I gave you a list to study first, you may come up with words like: ‘Super!’ ‘Not bad,’ ‘Fantastic,’ Keep it up,’Perfect,’ and ‘Wonderful.’

This is a very elementary example, but you get the point.  The proper training will leave you armed with tools to motivate and confident in your ability to mentor another complex human being.

Successful life coaches usually have strong backgrounds in counseling and/or other mental health professions, but, more frequently, we are witnessing those who have overcome personal obstacles, become phenomenal life coaches eager to help others.  Hence, why this field is so exciting!

Are life coaches like counselors?

Counselors bill your insurance company for sessions, whereas life coaches take private payment from clients. Counselors are great for resolving emotional issues or providing a dual diagnosis to their recovering patients. However, most of these professionals are not recovering substance abusers.  A life coach, especially one who has a history of substance abuse like their client, can relate on a completely different level.

Who do you think has better insight into what a client means when he says, “I just don’t think I will ever feel as happy as I did when I was getting high?” The counselor will surely be able to spout off some information about chemicals in the brain and healthy lifestyle changes, but only a recovering addict can give real insight into whether the feeling ever goes away and what coping skills are really effective.

Are life coaches like Sponsors?

Not even close! A 12-Step program sponsor’s role is to guide a fellow recovering user through the twelve steps. As a life coach, your responsibility to your client is much more in-depth. Many clients have both a sponsor and a life coach.

Sponsors usually have full-time jobs on top of service commitments, meetings, and making time to do step work with multiple sponsees. A life coach is hired by the client (or clients family) to work a set schedule.  Therefore, a life coach can allocate significantly more time to a client than a sponsor can afford to give.  Nothing against sponsors, they just have a more limited role in recovery when compared to a hired life coach.

Be your own Boss

Life coaches should be super available to their clients. It is a full time job, but don’t let this discourage you. For some clients, you will need to invest more of your time, but you control which and how many clients you take on.  As a life coach, you are your own boss.  You set your fees and you pick your clients. The ability to be your own boss allows you to grow your business as fast or slow as you would like.

Felons Welcome

This was one of the most important aspects of a life coaching career for me. Like myself, some of you may be felons.  This does not make us bad people.  Unfortunately, society has not realized how detrimental a record is when trying to rebuild one’s life . (I know, not the place for this argument!)

Anyway, having a criminal record makes finding a job difficult.  I have a bachelor’s degree, but my criminal record disqualified me from the simplest, minimum wage jobs.  Many clients are trying to get their lives back on track, just like you and me.  Some are felons and want a coach who can relate.  So, instead of being rejected on account of your background, it may work in your favor, landing you more clients.

How can I become a Life Coach?

I was 100% honest when I told you there are no requirements to become a life coach. However, since the start of my recovery journey I have lived by a very important rule.

Rule: Work as hard on my success as I worked to get high.

In fact, I try put more energy into self-improvement than I did in self-destruction, which is no small undertaking. If you are a fellow user, you will understand this. We worked tirelessly to make money, even illegally, to find a dealer, to find the best product and get high.  At the same time, we worked hard to hide our drug use from those who cared about us and even harder to hide it from law enforcement!

After hours of research and a few refund requests, I finally found a training I am happy to promote. When you decide it is your turn to start a great new career helping others recover, register through these links:


Company Homepage: International Association On Professional Recovery Coaches

Course: Life Coaching Essentials

Certification: Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Price- $1,497 dollars BUT save $500 dollars in enrollment fees, if you register here!

Total Price after discount: $997.00

Thinking this is a bit pricey?

Remember, after completing this course, you will have the knowledge required to start your own business. How many recovering users do you know today, each one a potential client? If you are new in recovery, that number can be in the triple digits. The potential for clients is limitless, especially in this social media driven era.

The lessons in this course give you the best chance of success. University tuition for a 4-year degree in psychology can exceed 40,000 dollars. Compared to $40,000, $997 for this course is a steal!

Trust me, I received my degree in Psychology from a 4-year University and I have yet to use it.  Making my degree profitable requires enrolling in a Masters program, which requires paying more tuition! This just was not an option for me, so $997.00 for this all-inclusive training class is a fantastic deal.

What makes a good Life Coach?

Two steps to becoming a successful life coach:

Step One: Form a personal bond with client.

Your bond with clients will initially form, as you get to know each other, with the realization that you shared many similar experiences while using.  I had no doubt in my, and you should have no doubt in your, ability to connect with clients on a deeper level than professionals with no history of substance abuse. This is a unique advantage for a life coach, but it is only step one.

Step Two: Develop a personal, professional strategy.

This is where the Life Coaching Essential Course becomes invaluable. By the end of the course you will:

  • Have developed a general Life Coach strategy from start to finish
  • Have developed a Formal Coaching Agreement for clients to sign
  • Have an understanding of ethical practices and standards
  • Have learned strategies to develop meaningful coaching relationships built on trust and respect
  • Have found your own personal coaching voice and style
  • Have improved your listening and communication skills
  • Be able to deepen clients awareness and clarity of the issues they want to improve
  • Be able to help clients with goal-setting and learn the best way to encourage reaching those goals
  • Have learned ways to celebrate success (healthy rewards) that a client appreciates
  • Be ready to launch your own life-coaching practice, based on your own personality

These tools provide a huge head start. Clients see you are knowledgeable and you feel super confident in your ability to change lives.

Bonus Material:

The course includes a staggering amount of reference material for life coaches, such as:

  • All Training Manuals as downloads
  • Coaching Tools and Self Discovery Worksheets
  • Course Study Guides
  • Free Membership in iCoachRecovery for three months
  • Access to Coaching and Recovery Experts in monthly forums

Upon course completion, you can include letters after your name! This makes everything so much more official! Imagine it now…

Your Name, C.D.C

I see some awesome new business cards in your future!

Recap of IAPRC’s Certified Professional Coach Training:

Company Homepage: International Association On Professional Recovery Coaches

Course: Life Coaching Essentials

Certification: Professional Coaching Certification

Price: $1427.00, but save $500.00 if you sign up through this link

So, $997.00

Can be paid in full, or broken into payments. At checkout, you will be able to select a payment plan before finalizing purchase.

What you will learn: How to develop a personal, professional life coaching business

Anything else: You will receive invaluable bonus material to start your career with the greatest chance of success.

Get ready to make those business cards, Mr. or Miss C.P.C. 🙂

If you have any questions, leave them below and I would be happy to answer them.

Note: I want to keep it 100 with you all! I am NOT paid to write this promotion. However, I receive a small fee if someone registers through my link.  Any income received supports further development of reference information on


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34 comments on “How can I Become a Life Coach?

  1. Being a life coach needs a lot of hard work and from distance, you’ll love the whole idea but I have come to realise that you’ll need to be mentally capable and that is where the most failure will come from and I am not surprised about it. I am glad you have made the whole thing way by giving a medium to get your certificate and I know a few people who would be glad to do it.

  2. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s that could possibly answer the question “how can i become a life coach”. I know a lot of person’s has always asked themselves this question and i am glad you have answered this question in this review in details and has made it easier to understand 

  3. Thanks for this amazing and very valuable information, it’s a good thing to know about what you’d love to be or what you’re going into as it helps give you better direction. Being a life coach is something that’ll be so nice but the wrong conception people have about it should be cleared and this article has done a lot in explaining on details what it is all about.

  4. Thank you for sharing this here with us. It has always being a lifelong dream of wanting to become a life coach and being able to really make impacts on others lives. Hence, being a life coach as a career would definitely help me get closer to people so I can offer my help to them in various ways as needed by them. Definitely a great one here to see. Thanks

    1. Darmi, this would be a great program for you to fget started fulfilling that dream.  Please let me know if you have any further questions! 

  5. This is really a helpful article. I am grateful to know that there are differences between life coach and a  counselor, at first I thought these words had the same meaning.There are several people who need help to overcome the challenges after they stop using  drugs.Unfortunately many of them do not know where they will actually get a comprehensive education to cope with the challenges around them. I’m glad that you gave them the right direction on how and where to achieve recovery. All the best.


  6. Hello

    Very interesting article

    The life coach I believe is a tool for better ranking
     for criminals who have a hard time rebuilding their lives and it’s an opportunity to offer a life line to people who have difficulty finding a job

    The fact that it’s free I’d like to take advantage of may be just what I’m looking for to help more people

    Thank you for that

    I wish you the best!

    1.  I would just like to clarify that the class is not free. However it is very affordable compared to the cost of a degree from a university. Many life coaches with these certifications end up making more money than people who attend four-year universities. The cool part about taking a certification class is that you can build your business up as a life coach by finding your own clients. Most of the time after attending a university A student must work as an intern and do a certain amount of clinical hours before they can open up their own practice. Happy we could help provide this information to you. Let us know if you have any questions

  7. Dope article on How I can Become a Life Coach Ana! The way your write keeps my attention and I found myself hooked on your article. In recent years I have seen an influx in so called “Life Coaches” but have very rarely come across one worth their salt. Naturally Im attracted to the be your own boss side of things so I think I will have to check this out as an option.