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Outpatient Recovery

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Here is a detailed account of what to expect from an Outpatient Rehab Program.  Be sure to ask admission staff plenty of questions before enrolling, as programs differ greatly in philosophy, scheduling, and group sizes.

  • Outpatient Program Structure

Outpatient rehab programs offer group therapy and classes like inpatient rehab centers; Outpatient Rehab Program Group Sessionhowever, patients do not stay overnight. Many programs are 8 hours a day for 2 weeks to a month. Others outpatient program schedules are adapted to work for people who do not have the option of taking time off work during recovery. In a perfect world, everyone would have an opportunity to take a break to heal, but this is not our current reality. If this is you, look for programs offering evening or weekend programs.

  • Requires a Strong Will

Outpatient programs require an insane amount of will power to stay clean because a patient Outpatient takes will powerhold onto their freedom more than those who check into inpatient rehab centers. These programs are suggested for patients fresh out of inpatient rehab as a transition back into the ‘real world.’ For example, outpatient sessions provide a forum to vent about and learn how to handle triggers, such as returning to work or running into friends who are not sober.

If outpatient is where your recovery journey begins, it is encouraged to take precautions. Paired with a Vivitrol shot or other medication maintenance program, (see: medicated maintenance programs) outpatient programs can be as effective as inpatient rehab programs.

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